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Safer PSU Power Cables - 30" - Replaces XT-60 Connectors for Creality Ender-3 and others

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Many current 3D printer power supplies use knock-off XT-60 connectors which are crimped, instead of soldered. As such, they are a common point of failure, and are even known to burn and melt in many cases.

XT-60 connectors on printers like the Ender-3, A10, CR-10, etc., are only useful when the factory is shipping partially assembled printers, but are not useful to the end user, and it is recommended to remove them.

  • 30" extended cables that replace the factory cables.
  • Safer design with no XT-60 connectors.
  • 12AWG, silicone jacketed, 200ºC shielded wire.
  • Professionally crimped and heat-shrunk spade connectors.
  • Simply insert the twisted end of the cable into the screw-down terminal on your motherboard, being sure to match the polarization of the wires.
  • Direct replacement for most 3D printers, including Creality, Geeetech, Anet, TEVO and others.


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