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XChange V1.0 - Quick-Change Tool System

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Included X-Axis Belt
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  • Convert your 3D printer into a multi-function manufacturing system.

    XChange V1.0 is a universal, quick tool changing system for virtually any 3D printer, offering tremendous advantages previously available only from expensive or custom machines.

    Explore new tools and processes- High temperature printing, CNC plotting, laser engraving, paste extrusion... The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

    Easily swap tools between machines - Maximize versatility across multiple machines.

    Super fast maintenance - Eliminate printer downtime by swapping extruders and hot ends in just seconds.

    Dedicate tools to different jobs and materials - Use your favorite tools for the jobs they do best.

  • XChange Pro - Universal Version:

    • (1x) Master Assembly
    • (3x) Tool Assembly
    • (1x) Mounting hardware (requires MGN12H linear rail and carriage, sold separately)

    XChange Extra 1x Tool Plate Assembly Only:

      A single Tool Plate Assembly to add an additional swappable hot-end to your XChange system. Requires at least one Master Assembly to function.
    • 1x Tool Plate mount (plate w/ PCB)
    • Required hardware & fasteners

    Optional Accessories:

    • V-Slot Wheel Adapters for 2020 extrusion frame
    • X-Axis GT2 belt (required for some printers)
    • 14cm Short extruder cables for direct drive tools
    • Most basic installations take just 60 minutes or less.
    • Machined in the USA using aircraft-grade billet aluminum.
    • Super strong 50N locking magnetic mechanism.
    • Thick gold-plated electrical interface rated for functionally limitless connections.
    • High quality, mil-spec electrical connectors.
    • RoHS-compliant, lead-free electronics.
    • Ultra-slim profile for minimal axis travel change (just under 17mm thick).
    • Lightweight Tool Assemblies weigh just 46g each.
    • CNC-machined, billet aluminum provides a rigid, high-temp capable mounting solution.
    • Does not require dual z-axis lead screws, and no Z-axis height loss.
    • Engineered and manufactured by PrinterMods in the USA.
    • MGN12H linear rail and carriage not included.
  • Material: CNC-machined 6061 T6 aluminum, black anodized
    Master Assembly: 64.78g, Tool Assembly: 46.18g
    Safety: RoHS-Compliant, lead-free electronics.
    Electrical: Heater circuit: 24V, 65W (polarized or non-polarized), (1x) 15-position Master-Tool electrical connection rated at 2.8A / pin (1 pin powered), (1x) 8-position wire-to-board connector, (1x) JST-PH 6-position motor I/O, (1x) Right-angle 6-position 2.0mm pitch headers for ABL probes.

    MGN12H linear rail (native) or 2020 extrusion V-slot wheels (optional).

  • Documentation:



What is XChange?

XChange is a brand new, hot-swappable quick tool changing solution for virtually any 3D printer. It enables all types of users, from professionals to those brand new to the world of 3D printing, to quickly and easily change tools with almost no down time. XChange is patent pending, designed and manufactured in the USA by

We designed XChange to be broadly compatible with most popular 3D printers, printer tools and accessories, while maintaining the smallest, lightest footprint possible. Made by us in the USA, XChange features an anodized aluminum frame, aerospace-grade electrical connectors, and is readily compatible with most existing 3D printers.



How It Works


XChange incorporates an elegant mechanical and electrical connection that enables rapid tool changes using only a single motion. It is comprised of a master mounting assembly featuring a robust magnetic locking mechanism, and one or more interchangeable tool plates for fast swaps between multiple types of tools.

It works by pairing a master assembly, which remains affixed to your machine, with multiple interchangeable tool plates, using a strong magnetic coupling mechanism.

High quality electrical connectors connect the master assembly to your 3D printer's mother board, while each tool assembly has its own PCB with convenient wire-to-board connectors to connect your hot end, fans, extruders, and more.

Whether you want to try out new tools or accessories, experiment with multi-material prints, make use of spare parts, or just maximize uptime for your printers, XChange makes it possible. Compatible with virtually any combination of tools and accessories you can imagine, XChange opens up a world of new possibilities, with the printer you already have.




It's great for:

  • Dedicated tool types for different materials.
  • Easily swapping tools between different machines.
  • Changing colors between or during prints.
  • Fast maintenance - swapping a tool into service eliminates down time.
  • Experimenting with new tools and accessories, like laser engravers, pen plotters, and more.


XChange was designed to be compatible with the most popular styles of 3D printers. It's natively compatible with any 3D printer using MGN12H linear rail on the X axis, and 2020 extrusion-based systems like Creality 3D printers using an optional V-slot rail adapter plate.

  • Works with factory 8-bit and 32-bit motherboards.
  • Natively compatible with MGN12H linear rail systems.
  • Compatible with V-slot wheels and 2020 extrusion using V-slot add-on.
  • Planned compatibility with Prusa i3 style machines (printed adapter required).
  • Compatible with popular ABL using up to 5-wire probes (such as BL Touch).
  • Capable of printing high temperature filaments in enclosures.
  • Natively Marlin 2.0.X compatible.
  • Virtually any motion geometry can be supported with printed adapters.


Auto Bed Leveling


ABL probes like BL Touch, and capacitive and IR sensors are supported natively by XChange via a 6 position right angle header on the Master and Tool Assembly, with a few different configuration options possible to suit a multitude of use cases.

With XChange V1.0, ABL is supported on most 8-bit boards, and all 32-bit boards. 8-bit boards running Marlin 2.0.X currently support BL Touch, with our suite of tool changing features enabled. However, these boards are quite limited on available memory, and tool changing / BL Touch does fit, but doesn't leave much room for other features. We're working with skilled firmware developers to further reduce our needed footprint, and will be releasing firmware revisions to all backers for various popular machines.





Technical Specs


  • Robust, custom PCBs feature extra-thick traces, corrosion and wear resistant plating, and properly rated connectors from genuine parts suppliers like Samtec, TE Connectivity, Amphenol, On Shore, and others.
  • Heater circuit: 24V, 65W (polarized or non-polarized), (1x) 15-position Master-Tool electrical connection rated at 2.8A / pin (1 pin powered), (1x) 8-position wire-to-board connector, (1x) JST-PH 6-position motor I/O, (1x) Right-angle 6-position 2.0mm pitch headers for ABL probes.
  • XChange and all PrinterMods products are manufactured to RoHS-compliance.


  • Weighs only 110g completely assembled.
  • 50N magnetic coupling mechanism, perfectly aligned to maintain a strong connection during prints, but releases at the push of a lever.
  • Injection molded, glass-filled polymer locating and alignment pins affix tool mounts accurately and repeatably, mitigating friction wear.
  • Machined 6061 aluminum frame, designed for the lightest weight and smallest footprint possible.
  • Only 17mm thick.
  • 100% USA-engineered and manufactured.


Q: Will XChange work with [my specific printer]?

A: Generally speaking, belt-driven, Cartesian-style and similar printers like the Ender-3, Ender-5, CR-10 V2, and most variants are compatible with XChange, and other similar machines will be compatible with minor adjustments. Note that you will need to tweak things like endstops, belts, and offsets.

As XChange is a universal system, it will need to be adapted to work with certain machines. That said, any printer that meets the following general requirements should work:

  • Any frame that allows mounting MGN12H linear rails (either front- or upward-facing), OR any 2020 extrusion for V-slot wheels (adapter sold separately).
  • 24V heater up to 65W, 12V heaters up to 35W.


Q: What about CoreXY?

A: XChange has been successfully adapted and implemented on CoreXY machines, though we only currently provide an adapter for the Creality Ender-6. You can visit our Facebook and GitHub communities to get configuration help from other CoreXY users.


Q: Do I need a custom length belt?

A: As X-axis belt lengths will vary from machine to machine, you should check out our documentation and belt length calculator to determine if you in fact need a replacement belt. You may also refer to the chart below, which will be updated as we confirm more lengths with the help of the community.

Custom length belts are available here.

Brought to life with help from our Kickstarter backers


Have a question? Ask us here, or email us at


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