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LED Lighting Kit for 3D Printers - Hot End Version


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Note: most new consumer 3D printers such as the Creality Ender 3, Prusa I3, Geeetech A10, etc. are 24V! See voltage chart image and please confirm the correct voltage prior to ordering.

An easy way to add super bright LED lighting to your printer's hot end!

We all love seeing others' perfectly illuminated 3D printers, right?  Many, however, lack the soldering skills (or spare time) to hack together a DIY solution. So, we decided to make it easy to add LED lighting to almost any 3D printer with our new solder-free kits.

Our hot end kit includes everything you need to add awesome, super bright white lighting to most printers' hotends. Each kit is pre-assembled, with a special crimp-on connector that allows you to safely tap into your hotend fan or part cooling fan power (no soldering skills required). The LEDs we use, while bright, draw very little current, and are therefore safe to be spliced into any fan power.

  • Each kit includes (1) pre-assembled LED kit.
  • Available in 12V or 24V (confirm before purchase!)
  • No soldering required.
  • No cutting, stripping, or re-wiring.
  • Fast, 5-min. installation.
  • High heat adhesive backing.
  • Fits most 12V and 24V printers from Creality®, Prusa®, Monoprice®, Geeetech®, TEVO®, Tronxy®, Anet®, Wanhao®, and more.
  • Professionally made in the USA using foreign and domestic materials.
  • 100% Money-back guarantee within 30 days.



Click here for installation instructions.

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