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Creality 3D Printer Wiring Extension Harnesses (50cm+)

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The easiest way to extend your 3D printer's wiring, ideal for relocating electronics, increasing gantry lengths, and more. Ideal if you intend to move your printer into an enclosure, reposition your motherboard, etc.  These kits are manufactured using high quality wire and terminations, with no tinned wire ends. You will not find a better wiring extension kit for your 3D printer anywhere.

Fitment (standard length):

  • Creality Ender-3 / Pro / V2
  • Creality Ender-5 / Pro
  • Creality CR-10 Mini
  • Similar size 3D printers

All wire lengths are listed below. If you need additional lengths or cables, you can also order individual pieces by returning to this page and adding them to your cart.

  • (1 set) 12AWG cables w/ spade connectors, 80cm (PSU)
  • (2 set) 14AWG extension w/ heavy duty solderless connector, 60cm (bed heater, hot end heater)
  • (6 pc) 2.54mm 2-pin extension, 50cm (X,Y,Z endstops, part cooling fan, hot end thermistor, bed thermistor)
  • (4 pc) 2.54mm 4-pin extension, 50cm (X,Y,Z,E stepper motors)
  • (1 pc) LCD ribbon cable extension, 50cm (display)
  • (1 pc) 22AWG 2-conductor extension with solderless connector (hot end fan)


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