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Please note: these adapters require MGN12H or C rails for the Ender-3, and MGN9C rails for the Ender-5. The length required is 300mm (CR-10 coming soon). 

This kit allows you to add linear rails to your printer's Y-axis, replacing the factory V-slot roller wheels entirely.

They are compatible with MGN12H or C rails for the Ender-3, or MGN9C rails for the Ender-5 (300mm for Ender-3 and Ender-5), and require no modification to your bed plate, Y axis belt, pulleys, tensioners, or Y stepper motor location.

For Ender-5 Plus, linear rails need to be installed to the outside of the frame instead of inside the frame per the instructions.

Linear Rail Fitment Chart (by Printer)

Where to buy linear rails


Click here for Printable adapters.

Click here for Ender-3 installation instructions.

Click here for Ender-5 installation instructions.

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